Sunday, 26 August 2012


Machination is a graphic novel written and drawn by Stephanie Seed. It is available as an E-book for ipad or other devices, or paperback/hard back.

In the year 6032, with the Earth abandoned long ago, the human population now resides on a Space Station surrounding the planet. This is the story of Nadily Tortalin, and is a tale for any person who has ever felt confused...

Nadily has been down on her luck, her entire life. She works in a humble office, traveling through time to solve murders of the past; helping to rewrite files that were deleted by some blundering fool years before.

She finds herself falling down a path of mystery, murder and intrigue. Exploring further into this dark cavern of the unknown begins to put her own life in danger and she finds herself questioning her own existence  needing to know the truth about her past, present and future, but then discovering much more than she bargained for.

View below for preview.

12 page preview

Click on the first image and use arrow keys to flick through the preview.

Much more to come! If you liked the story this far why not purchase the 150 paged book! Links on the left. Thanks for reading.